Architectural Preservation Committee

The Architectural Preservation Committee raises awareness of the architectural treasures still standing in Dorchester. The AP Committee's mission is to work with property owners to encourage a short-term goal of saving specific threatened properties and the long-range goal of encouraging preservation of Dorchester's unique character and sense of place. From 2004-2009 the Committee has produced annually a list of Dorchester's Most Endangered Historic Properties. This list is meant to increase awareness of and appreciation for historic buildings and the quality of life they enhance in the Dorchester and Mattapan communities, with the hope that well-built old structures will be refurbished and reused, not demolished or altered beyond recognition.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Within the context of the long-range plan, the committee prioritizes repairs and improvements to the physical facilities of the Dorchester Historical Society, both buildings and landscape.

Curatorial Committee

Within policies established by the Board, the Curatorial Committee has charge of all the Society's furnishings and other physical possessions other than real estate. This committee supervises the interpretation of Dorchester history to the public and works closely with the Buildings and Grounds Committee to formulate restoration/repair plans since these affect the interpretation of the properties. The Librarian shall have supervision of the books, photographs, pamphlets, maps and other documents in the Society's Library. The Committee shall develop policies for approval by the Officers and Directors regarding the acquisition and management of historic materials. The Curator has charge of all non-library materials. The Society's Historian is a member of this committee.

Development Committee

The Development Committee takes responsibility for fundraising to support capital needs as well as the annual needs of the budgeting process. The President and the Membership Secretary are members of this committee. The Development Committee works with the Public Relations Committee to develop methods of promoting the image of the Society and ways to manage publicity.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the Society's accounts and makes suggestions to the Board regarding segregation of restricted funds, choice of investments, budgeting, reporting, compliance, etc.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee reviews compliance of the Society's management with the Bylaws and approved policies. The Committee nominates new slate of officers and directors at the Annual Meeting. The Committee is orients new officers and directors to the structure of the Society.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee establishes a schedule of events for the year, engages speakers, prepares mailers and publicity for the events, and arranges equipment and other details.

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