Edward A. Huebener Brick Collection

The Dorchester Historical Society houses the Edward A. Huebener Brick Collection. Huebener collected one brick from each Dorchester house he thought significant, often when the house was being demolished. He then chose from various local artists to paint a picture of the house onto the brick. The collection ,which numbers over one hundred bricks, is not only a record of the architectural history of Dorchester but also an intriguing and possibly unique form of folk art. Edward Huebener, who was born in Dorchester in 1851 and died in 1936, lived at a time when many of the fine, early Dorchester houses remained standing, and some of Dorchester's early houses are known only from the paintings in the collection. Huebener spent his life in constant pursuit of local history and was an authority on the design of each house depicted in the collection. The "EAH" trademark on many of the photographs and other materials in the collections of the Dorchester Historical Society is symbol of his legacy. In his later years, Huebener's eccentric personality intensified. It is said that he not only made his own coffin but sometimes slept in it.

The Governor Gardner Mansion

The Swan Mansion

Unknown building


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